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Lake Shore Club Inc.

Boat Ramp


The ramp is available to all residents of Lake Shore and Freshwater Estates at a very reasonable fee of $25/year. 

Rules and Tips

  • Boat ramp fee must be paid for the current calendar year.

  • The ramp is always available to residents regardless of club activities.

  • Deep draft boats may have difficulty at lower water levels.

  • The ramp has no night lighting and the dock has no railing (like most docks). Please use extra caution.

  • The ramp is located close to several residences. Please be extra quiet regardless of the time of day. ∑        

  • The lock code is for you and those in your household only.  Please do not share it with anyone else.          

  • It doesnít matter who owns the boat/truck/car, but a Lakeshore/Freshwater household member MUST BE PRESENT during ramp use Ė do not give the code to visitors. 

         Lock the gate immediately after loading/unloading to prevent non-residents from entering.

         The lock usually requires a sharp rap to get it to latch.  Place the shackle up against the steel post or in the palm of one hand and give it a sharp rap from the bottom.

         When parking outside the gate:

1.      Watch out for the storm drain and the water meter (next to logs around yellow pole).  The storm drain usually has some logs on it to make it obvious.

2.      Back the trailer up to the fence.  DO NOT park parallel to the road, blocking all the spaces.  The logs are there to prevent damage to the fence (itís been knocked down before).

3.      Parking outside the gate is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

         Parking inside the fence is only available for trailer parking when there are no reserved functions (private parties, etc.).  Please respect their needs.  The ramp is always available to residents regardless of club activities.

         Weeds may collect on the ramp (due to Westerly winds).  Clean them off before using the ramp to avoid getting stuck.

         The ramp is very slippery, so please use extra care.

         The water near the dock is very shallow.  No diving or swimming. There are no life guards and no swimming safety equipment.

         Use fenders/bumpers at the dock to prevent damage.

         There are electrical support cables above the gate area.  Please watch the clearance of high profile boats.

         Please pick up any trash you see.  There is no maintenance crew.

         Please clean weeds off your boat before launching and before leaving.  This reduces the propagation of nuisance vegetation from lake to lake (hydrilla, etc.).

  • The wooden pier (with benches) is not intended for boat docking and has no cleats for tying up.

  • History

    The boat ramp and dock were rebuilt in 1998 with prestress concrete courtesy of Henderson Prestress.  The poured cement driveway was also created with donated time and materials.

    50 Years of serving Lakeshore and Freshwater Estates


    Background courtesy of Max Combs
    Lake Shore Estates signs courtesy of Wes Baxter


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