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Please patronize our sponsors - these businesses are owned by families in the neighborhood.
Grill and Comedy Club 727 937-3737

Weed Control for Canals

If you live on a canal, then you benefit from weed control, funded by fellow residents.

Even if you don't live on a canal, your property values benefit from weed control.  Please consider contributing to something that makes for a better neighborhood.

Weed Control Schedule - see newsletter for recent changes, if any


April 6, 22  

May 6, 25

June 10, 24

July 8, 22

August 5, 19

September 2, 21

Oct 7, 26

Nov 11, 30

Dec 14, 30



Jan 11, 25

Feb 8, 22

March 10, 29

April 12, 28


 DO NOT water your lawn for at least 3 days (nor drink/swim). 

To be notified when treatment is coming up, or for information on the canal/lake weed control program,  to email us your name and street address (to verify residency).  

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Club facilities are available for rental by members.  Check availability on the calendar HERE.  Please reserve by emailing the .  Rental fees may be paid on-line by using the "donations" selection.


with your name and street address (to verify residency) for the latest free newsletter.

Boat Ramp lock code

  to get the current code.  Include your street address and full name.  All email addresses on file from paid members will receive the new code.  If you need to renew click HERE.

Street Parking

We are fortunate that street parking is allowed in our neighborhood, as it is allowed in Pinellas county.  By contrast, Pasco county prohibits all street parking in residential neighborhoods.  It has been suggested that overnight parking be banned to eliminate the few who abuse the privilege and always park on the street, creating blind spots and making it hard to get around.  Please avoid street parking overnight as a courtesy to others.

Street Safety

Driver, parents and pedestrians have to all work together to prevent an accident.  Drivers can ease up on speed, Pedestrians can listen and step aside and parents can keep kids away from the streets.  Signs and cones are effective if they are put up only when there is activity nearby.  Drivers notice change and tend to ignore things that stay the same, such as signs that stay up all the time.

Golf Carts

Deputies in Crystal Beach didn't start citing golf cart drivers until there were complaints regarding wild and reckless behavior, and not obeying all the laws that cars have to.  We can learn from this and avoid problems by driving conservatively and monitoring whomever drives your cart.    If you don't have turn signals, use hand signals.

Did you know?

There are 482 homes in Lakeshore/Freshwater Estates

About 70% of those homes are waterfront

50 Years of serving Lakeshore and Freshwater Estates


Background courtesy of Max Combs
Lake Shore Estates sign artwork courtesy of Wes Baxter