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On-line donations, reservations and memberships

Membership is voluntary

Pay by Zelle, check, credit card or direct bank debit

  • Membership is required for use of the grounds, such as the popular dog park and playground.  Or the dock for just relaxing.  Or the basketball hoop.  And of course, the boat ramp.  The club grounds are open to members only and is not public.

  • If you are a property owner in Lakeshore/Freshwater Estates, you may receive a voting membership if accepted.  If you are a resident but not the owner, you will be an associate member with non-voting status, if accepted. 

  • Please supply your neighborhood property address with the membership.  Zelle and paypal have notes section.

  • Boat ramp lock code is usually sent within 2 days of receipt if Treasurer is not traveling.

  • 4 Methods of payment:

  • Preferred: Zelle - log into your bank’s web page, click on “transfer money” and look for Zelle. 
    add a "recipient"   
    send $30
    INCLUDE your neighbood address (i.e., "30 Oak") in the "message" section. 
    Zelle has no fees!  Some banks offer recurring auto-pay.

  • or mail a check to Lake Shore Club Inc., 146 Lake Shore Drive North

  • or Debit/Credit card - we pay a fee for this, so it's the last resort  :-(

  • Choose auto-renew or one-time payment below, then add a donation if you wish.

Regular membership $30/yr (auto renews each year)

Recommended in December and January only because membership expires December 31.  Payments received in December get credited to the coming year. 

Avoid paypal fees by UNCHECKING "paying for goods or services"

Regular Membership $30/yr (one-year only)

Please Include your street address in the payment note.  (123 Main st)

Donations, Rental payments and Deposits

UNCHECK "paying for goods or services" and pay from your checking account to avoid a fee.  If fees are charged, they will be deducted from the deposit.

For Rental fill in $140 (30 membership + 60 rental + 50 deposit)

If membership is paid, then fill in $110. 

Although the Lake Shore Club is a non-profit corporation, it is NOT an IRS 501(c)(3) Charity and donations are NOT tax deductible.

Reservations and Rentals - for Lake Shore and Freshwater Estates residents ONLY.  Rentals are not available to anyone else. 

Be sure to check the calendar before attempting to reserve.  Reservations are confirmed after full payment is received, there is no conflict on the calendar and a confirmation email is received by renter.  Until this happens, the reservation is not complete.

Rentals are $60 for rental, $50 deposit and $30 membership (if not already paid).  That's $140 if membership is needed or $110 if not.  Paypal fees, if any, are deducted from the deposit refund.

Please include a note in the paypal order with your Lake Shore Estates street address and the date of desired rental.span>


Auto-renew subscribers who want to make a change can

Thank you! 

Membership is subject to acceptance by the board. 

Please send payment correspondence to