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Jan 2009: Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against Lakeshore Club

Press/media/reporters click HERE for a statement

Click HERE for a copy of the complaint (lawsuit)

Adobe PDF Reader is required to read the above file

Current Status

At the February 11 meeting on the lawsuit, it was decided to defend the lawsuit.  Since then, in addition to the many informal legal resources at hand, the club has hired a firm that specializes in slip-and-fall law.  Please understand that details cannot be discussed in an open forum until this matter is resolved.

How you can help

  1. 1. Renew your dues (only $25).  Click HERE to pay now.  This is voluntary if you don't use the ramp, mandatory if you do.

  2. 2. Consider an extra donation of $100, if your situation allows that.  Everyone understands that these are tough times and that not everyone can spare $100.  If 1/3 of the residents make this donation, the club will have a substantial legal fund to draw from.

  3. 3. Go door-to-door and ask your neighbors nicely if they have renewed their dues and to consider a legal fund donation.  This doesn't cost anything AND it helps SO MUCH.  If they have already renewed/donated, please thank them profusely.

  4. 4.  Tell your neighbors about

  5. Thank you for considering this voluntary request

If you have a suggestion, please

More Details

The Feb 11 meeting drew between 100 and 150 people - a truly overwhelming turnout.  It shows that the community cares about the future of the club.  Many ideas were presented and proposals were made and those were addressed in further detail at the later meetings.  Watch this web site for the meeting dates.

The club has rallied in the past to build a new ramp, put on a new roof, build a playground, implement ramp access control and funding, new doors and windows and more.  The club has rallied once again as shown by the turnout.

Allegations Made

On Dec. 19, 2008, Shawn Hiles has filed a negligence complaint against Lakeshore Club Inc. in Pinellas County Circuit Court.  Plaintiff alleges he was injured by slipping and falling in the bathroom of the clubhouse at a birthday party last October, hosted by his sister Tracy. 

The complaint says:

"SHAWN HILES, was attending a birthday party at the recreation center and was lawfully on the premises of the Defendant, LAKE SHORE CLUB, INC. While at the recreation center, Plaintiff, SHAWN HILES, went to the restroom to utilize the facilities. While in the restroom he slipped and fell on a foreign substance on the floor which he
believed to be water.
9. The Defendant owed a duty to its guests, including the Plaintiff, to maintain the
premises in a reasonably safe condition for the use of its guests and to warn its guests of any known hazards or any hazardous conditions which the Defendant knew or reasonably should have known through the exercise of reasonable diligence.
10. The Defendant breached its duty of care to the Plaintiff in one or more of the
following respects:
a. In failing to maintain the floor and surrounding areas
in a reasonably safe condition.
b. In failing to regularly inspect the floor.
c. In failing to keep the premises free of foreign objects
and debris when they knew or should have known that
persons, such as the Plaintiff, would enter the
d. In failing to exercise reasonable care for persons such
as the Plaintiff, who were invited on the premises so
as not to create hazards which they knew or should
have known would likely cause injury to the Plaintiff
and others.
e. In failing to warn the Plaintiff and others similarly
situated of the existence of the perils and dangerous
11. At said time and place, the slippery and unsafe condition of the floor constituted a
dangerous condition of which the Defendant knew or should have known and should have corrected"

What has been demanded

The plaintiff's attorney has offered to settle for $75,000 if paid within 60 days.


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